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 Mexican War, 1846


The annexation of Texas was the alleged cause of the declaration of war by Mexico against the United States in April, 1846, and a counter declaration by Congress was made, that "a state of war exists between the United States and Mexico." There was a strip of disputed territory lying between the Nueces and Rio Grande rivers, in Texas; the United States troops occupied this territory, when the Mexicans crossed the Rio Grande, with a large army, under command of two able generals, Ampudia and Arista.

General Taylor had defeated these troops in their attack on the American forces at Palo Alto on the 8th of May, and at Resaca de la Palma, the day following, and these defeats were accomplished with great slaughter of Mexicans. The United States Congress, in April, 1846, had passed an act authorizing the President to call into the war with Mexico 50,000 troops. The general commanding the American forces determined to attack Mexico at three different places; but changed his plans so that Major-General Scott, with a well-appointed force, was sent to Vera Cruz; General Wood was ordered to effect a junction with General Taylor at Saltillo, and Gen. Kearney was ordered to divide his troops into three separate commands; the first to lead in person to the shores of the Pacific.

A body of troops of about 1,000 Missouri volunteers, under the command of Col. A. W. Doniphan, was ordered to make an invasion of the State of Chihuahua, with the expectation of joining General Wood at the capital; while the greater number of soldiers were to be left as a garrison at Santa Fe, under the command of Gen. Sterling Price. The original plan of operations against Mexico was as follows: A southern wing of the army or the "Army of Occupation," commanded by Major-General Taylor, was to strike directly into the heart of Mexico; a column under Brigadier-General Wood, or the "Anny of the Center," to operate against the City of Chihuahua, and a command under Colonel Kearny, afterwards general, known as the "Army of the West," to march upon the city of Santa Fe.

Some Members of the First Regiment Missouri Volunteers Mexican War Under command of A. W. Doniphan
1- Col. Alexander W. Doniphan; 2- Captain O. P. Moss: 3-1st lieutenant. L. B. Sublett. 1st lieutenant: 4-2nd lieutenant Charles. H. Moss; 5-1st Sergt. Thos. McCarty; 6-2nd Sergt. A. K. McClintock. 7-Corporal Geo. H. Wallace: 8- John Warren; 9-W. H. Pence: 10- W. C. Campbell; 11-Joshna B. Tillery; 12- John S. Story; 13- John Neal; 14-J. J. Moore: 15-Ell Murray: 16-John Shouse; 17-Josiah Pence; 18-R. T. Stevenson; 19-A. R. Smith; 20-Newton A. Jacobs; 21-Richard A. Neeley; 22-W. W. Drew; 23-J. K. Rollins; 24-Peter Pixley: 25-Jno. S. Groom; R. W. Fleming; 27-G. W. Bell; 28-Dewilton W. Mosby.

President Polk called on Governor Edwards, of this state, for a regiment of volunteers to join General Kearney's "Army of the West," then being organized at Fort Leavenworth. Governor Edwards called for a regiment of mounted volunteers, to which there was a prompt response. Clay County furnishing one company.
Company C, Clay County.

Captain Oliver P. Moss's Company C, First Regiment, Missouri Mounted Volunteers, Mexican War.
Muster-in Roll, dated June 7, 1846.

This company came from Liberty, Clay County, Missouri, distant from Fort Leavenworth fifty-two miles. Roll signed by O. P. Moss, Captain. The following certificates appears on the roll:

I certify that the above is a true copy of the Muster Roll of this Company as mustered by Captain Allen, First Dragoons, June 7, 1846, except English W. Burton and Balor Jacobs, who were mustered into service by Captain McKissick, Q. M. Dept., June 25, 1846.

(Signed) O. P. MOSS.
Captain Commanding Company.

Muster roll, June 7, 1846, to June 21, 1847, shows company at New Orleans, Louisiana.

This company left Liberty, June 4, 1846, and marched to Fort Leavenworth, arriving there June 6, two days following. The company was discharged from further service, at New Orleans, Louisiana, June 21, 1847, by Samuel Churchill, Inspector General, Mustering Officer.

O. P. Moss

L. B. Sublette 1st
James H. Moss 2nd
Henry T. Ogden 2nd

James H. Long 1st
Thomas McCarty
William Wallace
A. K. McClintock

George H. Wallis
John S. Groom
Benjamin W. Marsh

Abraham Estes

James T. Barnes


Ammons, Henry B.
Beale, William
Bell, George W.
Briscoe, John
Burns, James
Burton. E. W.
Campbell, William C.
Carpenter, Noah P.
Chaney, Hiram
Chorn, James
Christy, John G.
Clayton, Simon H.
Coe, Allen
Cooper, James P.
Cox, Russell R.
Crapster, Edmond W.
Crowley, George W.
Cummins, Smith
Darneal, James H.
Doniphan, A. W.
Drew, Washington
Duncan, Matthew
Duncan, Theodore
Duncan, William
Ellis, Henry
English, H. W.
Everett, Benjamin R.
Faubion, Spencer
Fielding, Thomas I.
Finley, James M.
Fleming, George
Fleming, Robert W.
Franklin, Levi
Franklin, William R.
Green, Hiram
Gunter, William C.
Hall, Alexander
Hall, James
Hall, Willard P.
Holt, John D.
Hughes, Francis C.
Hughes, John T.
Human, Charles
Jacobs, Baylor
Jacobs, Newton
Job, Andrew
Lamar, James
Lard, John D.
Lard, William T.
Letchworth, Joseph M.
Long, Southey
Long. Richardson
Martin, Wesley
McGee, James
McNeese, Solomon
McQuiddy, Albert
Miller, Abraham
Moore, J. J.
Morton, James T.
Mosby, Dewilton
Murray, Eli
Nash, John
Neale, John
Nealey, Richard A.
Ogden, Henry T.
Owens, Edward P.
Patterson, William C.
Patterson, William C.
Pence, Josiah
Pence, William H.
Pendergrass Nimrod
Pendleton, William
Pixlee, Peter C.
Price, Jesse I.
Renthal, Parker
Ringo, Martin
Rollins, John K.
Rudd, O. F.
Ruff, C. E.
Russell, William H.
Samuel, Chilton B.
Sanders, James
Sanderson Joseph
Scott, Alexander C.
Shearer, Robert
Shouse, John W.
Sites, James R.
Smith, Joseph A.
Snowdon, W. P. A.
Stephenson, Robert T.
Story, John S.
Sullivan, Obadiah
Thompson, William A.
Tillery, Henry
Tillery, Joshua B.
Tracy, Andrew W.
Waller, Thomas
Walls, William
Warren, Hardin
Warren, John
Wills, James A.
Wood, Gideon
York, James N.
York, John


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Source: History of Clay County, Missouri, by W. H. Woodson, Historical Publishing Company, Topeka, 1920.


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